As an initiative to reduce its dependency on the wagons for revenue generation and drive growth, Braithwaite ventured into diverse verticals. Amidst the course of its voyage to different shores that stretch beyond the horizons, the engineering firm discovered an area where it could play a pivotal role and contribute to the development of a sustainable society. Through its technological innovations, it is promoting the shift of society to sustainable practices to reduce the overall environmental footprint. Aiming to develop a symbiotic relationship between economic development and ecocentrism, the company has set out to elevate the utilization of Renewable energy resources.

Promoting Sustainability: Braithwaite’s ambitious Green Projects

Equipped with modern, sustainable, and economical technology, Braithwaite is prepared to transform the visage of the Renewable Energy sector. Driven to create a lasting impact, the company is modernizing existing structures and building novel projects that utilize minimum energy and generate the minutest waste. Determined to compel a shift in consumption and social practices, Braithwaite & Co. Ltd. is prepared to change the sustainability landscape in India. 

A vital component of its initiative to venture into diverse sectors, Braithwaite's trajectory in the Renewable Energy sector is nothing less than exemplary. With a design wing devoted to conceiving environment-friendly technologies, the engineering firm has already spread its wings far and wide into this horizon. Here is a brief account of how Braithwaite's ambitious green projects and eco-friendly technological solutions are proving substantial for energy generation and conservation.

  1. Wind Turbines

An exhaustible energy source, Wind is one of the inexhaustible resources that Braithwaite is leveraging to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and enable facilities such as telecommunication and water pumping in remote areas. The company manufactures small wind turbines that are capable of withstanding extreme wind velocities, even beyond 250 Km/hr. These are small-sized, a feature which renders them light enough for manageable stationing on Mountains.

Boasting a diminutive footprint, Braithwaite's wind turbines are easy to install, maintenance-free, and have a life span of more than 25 years. These wind turbines are designed and manufactured to supply off-grid round-the-clock power that utilizes the ecologically friendly combination of wind and solar systems. By leveraging its mini-grid wind power system, Braithwaite aims to provide water-pumping solutions for agriculture to reduce dependency on non-renewable alternatives, enhance the availability of drinking water, and establish telecommunications facilities in remote and mountainous terrains.

  1. Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels

Braithwaite is elevating the agricultural sector by providing solar energy solutions. By establishing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels in farms, the engineering firm is promoting the solarization of irrigation pumps to ensure energy security for farmers. These are easily mountable, temperature coefficient, cost-effective, durable, space efficient, and highly efficient.

A sustainable alternative, this method will reduce the dependence on fossil fuel sources for energy generation and raise the utilization of electric power. The engineering firm is consistently looking for sustainable technological innovations in an attempt to increase the establishment of photovoltaic power plants throughout the agriculture sector.

  1. Solar Street Lights

Powered by sunlight, these streetlights use solar panels to charge their rechargeable batteries and eventually reduce the dependence on other non-renewable energy sources for power generation. Braithwaite's solar-powered street lights boast state-of-the-art features, such as easy installation, 24-hour real-time data monitoring, manual control for switching the lights on and off through Remote Monitoring System (RMS), a robust alerts and notification system for notifying faults, a cloud-based graphical user interface, impedance-based battery temperature monitoring, weatherproof skin, regular reports about harvested energy and carbon credits, Secure and authorized access, low insect attrition rate,  and more. These streetlights have a longer shelf life and can operate with minimal intervention. Moreover, they are more economical and provide cost-cutting benefits than their traditional counterparts.


The world is changing at a faster pace. With changing times, there is a heightened need to discover alternatives that can facilitate the prospering of Earth's inhabitants without depleting its resources. Since prosperity is directly proportional to growth, it directly or indirectly impacts the environment, an event that hinders sustainable revolution. Hence, the solution is to innovate lifestyles that build a sustainable future. Since sustainability is a complex challenge in its own right, it is vital to innovate technological solutions to ensure a well-rounded future. With its green projects, Braithwaite & Co. Ltd. aims to foster a society where its citizens' living standards are in accordance with the environment's ecological means. Unwavering in its resolve, the Miniratna-I company will continue to contribute to the nation's growth and stimulate the establishment of a sustainable society.